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Film with a Femme Focus:*

FtF: Female to Femme:

A film by Elizabeth Stark & Kami Chisholm
"Imagine a world in which the journey toward femme was understood to be as radical as journeys to claim and inhabit other queer bodies. Envisioning more than it documents, FtF: FEMALE TO FEMME celebrates dyke femme identities, combining farce and seduction with analysis and personal history. For years, femmes have forged community and created space for themselves out of edgy performance and authentic parody. FtF recognizes these strategies and builds them into an unforgettable sexy, funny and moving film."

Persistent Desire:

A film by Lenn Keller
"A Persistent Desire is a feature length documentary film that gives visibility to an historical and marginalized lesbian sub-culture -- the butch/femme community. This film examines how butch/femme gender identities, dynamics and sexualities are showing up in the 21st century. Through the articulate and heartfelt testimonies of self-identified femmes and butches, we are allowed a rare and intimate look into the everyday lives and experiences of butches and femmes from a wide range of ages, ethniticies, and class backgrounds.This film celebrates and affirms the diversity of lesbian and gender queer identities and sexualities, and seeks to dispel the confusion, stereotypes and misperceptions that still surround these identities."

Shar REdnor's Film COmpany: http://www.sirvideo.com/

*Both of the these Film web sites have fantastic links for Bibliographies, Events and other online resources.


Diamond Daggers is a fabulous Femme Burlesque Troupe.

Harlem Shake is a fabulous Femme Burlesque troup. I can not find a website. GIve a hollar if you have public contact info.

"The Twilight Vixen Revue is an all-queer San Francisco troupe of fabulous showgirls."



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