The Femme Posse is a group of Femmes who meet once a month to discuss various topics relevant to our lives as femmes living in the San Francisco Bay Area. The Posse is open to all women at least 18 years old who identify as Femme in the GLBT community.

For each of us, although we identify as "Femme," we also define ourselves across a broad spectrum. Sexually we may be top, bottom, or switch. We may dress feminine, in men's clothes or both as the mood suits us. We wear high-heels or Birkenstocks, wear a full face of make-up every day or just chapstick on special occasions. Some of us are into leather while some of us are not. We each define our spiritual path differently and range in age from 20's to 60's. Some of us drink while others are in recovery - we can not easily be defined or categorized. Most importantly, no one can tell us what it means to be femme - it is for each of us to know and define within our own hearts. If you self-identify as "Femme" you are welcome and we encourage you to join the posse.

Femme Posse meetings alternate between Saturday and Sunday on the first weekend of each month. The meetings are adult-only, not open to children of any age. The meetings also alternate between San Francisco and the East Bay to provide broader access to those who don't want to cross the bridge. Our meetings are all potlucks, although please don't think you must bring something in order to attend. If you are unable to bring a dish to share, we still want you there! In order to make hosting a meeting as pleasant as possible, we all clean up the host's home before leaving. We also have a giveaway pile every month, where you can bring clothing, books, shoes, jewelry, dishes, etc. to exchange with other posse members. Whatever is not taken at the end of the meeting is donated. Please feel free to come to a meeting and check us out. If you'd like to join our email list, you can sign up at your first meeting.

Ultimately, it is critical to our meetings that they remain positive affirmations of our lives as femmes. We do not accept butch-bashing or femme-bashing of any sort, including talking down in generalities or specifics about anyone in the community.

On our site we will post our meeting dates, notes from past meetings, and have discussion boards available. Please join in - it is free and painless, you just need to register once.

Questions? Email to femmeposse (at) yahoo (dot) com. We look forward to seeing many new faces at our upcoming meetings!



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